Should You Buy or Lease Your Next New Subaru? Compare Now in Sterling, VA


Why You Should Lease Your New Subaru in Sterling, VA at Stohlman Subaru of Sterling?

There is a lot to consider when getting ready for your next vehicle and one of the more important decisions is whether to buy or lease. It seems like everyone has their own idea about leasing but it is important to remember that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Since we believe that our customers are best served when they are well informed, we offer this information to help you better determine whether leasing or buying is the better option. Take a look at the following details and then schedule your appointment to learn more at Stohlman Subaru of Sterling just south of Washington, D.C.

3 Ways To Pay For Your New Subaru From Stohlman Subaru

When it comes to paying for your next new Subaru, you are basically faced with 3 choices--pay cash (which is uncommon), finance the purchase, or lease the vehicle. Each of these options cater to specific needs and situations but you may be surprised with how well leasing fits a variety of needs and budgets.

Leasing Explained

Leasing has recently become a much more popular method since it generally avoids the high up-front costs associated with purchasing and it circumvents the common problem of negative equity. Just ask a fleet manager at many businesses and they will likely tell you that, for their needs, leasing is the most cost effective way to get the most from their fleet. Leasing relieves you of the total cost of a new vehicle so you are only responsible for the cost of the vehicle during the lease term. Leasing also drastically reduces maintenance costs. This way, you benefit from lower monthly payments, lower up-front costs, and no negative equity. Most lease options also come with GAP insurance and full warranties that cover the term of the lease.

The Downside Of Traditional Financing

One of the better understood problems with traditional financing of a new vehicle is the issue of depreciation. Generally speaking, as soon as you drive off the lot with a new traditionally financed vehicle, the likelihood is that you already owe more than the vehicle is worth, and this could persist for the next few years. Leasing is the best way to avoid this. When your lease is up, just bring it back and select your next latest Subaru model.

Should You Lease Your Next Subaru?

For most car shoppers, a lease is a great idea to consider. Few of us are in a position to keep up with all the maintenance and repair required to keep an old car running efficiently and reliably making the occasional upgrade necessary. Leasing allows you to enjoy reduced costs from start to finish and avoid the expiration of warranties while always reaping the benefits that come with a new Subaru. Thanks to exceptional ALG residual value, it's hard to beat a Subaru for your next lease. Find out more when you speak with one of our knowledgeable finance associates here at Stohlman Subaru of Sterling serving the DMV area.

Buying Leasing
Sizable down payment Money Down Less up front money
Higher monthly payment Monthly Payment Lower monthly payment (up to 60% lower)
Negotiated trade-in value Trade-in No trade in hassle or negotiation
Responsible for maintenance costs after warranty expires Warranty Less maintenance - typically always under warranty
GAP protection not included - added expense to purchase GAP Protection GAP protection included
Stagnant technology based on what was in effect at time of purchase Technology Technology obsolescence protection
No loyalty incentives Loyalty Lease loyalty incentives
Eligible for all dealer incentives Incentives Eligible for all dealer incentives
Potential negative equity if you sell your car before it is paid off Equity No chance of negative equity
Not required to maintain vehicle, but since you may eventually own it, why wouldn't you? Program Maintenance Responsible for program maintenance per manufacturers recommendation or you may be charged excess wear and tear
The negotiated price of a new vehicle is the same Vehicle Price The negotiated price of a new vehicle is the same
Insurance payments are the same Insurance Insurance payments are the same

No return, YOU OWN IT once you finish payments
Vehicle Return
Return, renew, or buy
May pay full vehicle price or a down payment
Beginning Costs
May pay cap cost reduction, government or lessor charges, insurance, first monthly payment, security deposit, any prior lease or credit balance.

Total cost of financing is generally higher than leasing. However, you own the car once you finished paying.
End Cost
Total cost of lease is usually lower than financing. due to depreciation and gap coverage.
The car is all yours once you finish payment
Who Owns It?
When the lease term is up, you will have to return, buy or sell your vehicle
No restriction on miles
Payments based on a set number of miles, you will be charged if you exceed those miles. Increasing your monthly miles will increase your payment.
Aren't usually restricted from moving around the country, but could possibly be restricted out move out of the country.
What if I move?
Some lease requirements restrict you from moving out-of-state with the vehicle
There is a federal law that requires a standard calculation for disclosing APR
There is NOT a federal law that requires a standard calculation and disclosure of a lease rate
Don't have to pay for wear and tear, but if there is any it will lower the value of the car.
Wear and Tear
You may have to pay for wear & tear charges upon return. Most leases also have specific maintenance requirements. 


*This information is meant to inform customers and make general comparisons about buying and/or leasing a vehicle. It is not meant to sway a customer towards buying, or towards leasing. This chart does not reflect a specific lease or loan. The information on this page is adapted from an article on Edmunds about leasing vs. buying.

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